NEO-10 Network I/O device by Telex
The NEO-10 will soon be discontinued. Learn more about it's successor:


Network I/O device

  • 10 Inputs (0-18 VDC)
  • 10 DPDT Relay Outputs (0-125 VAC @ 1 A)
  • Ethernet communications
  • Telex System Manager supported for firmware and configuration

NEO-10 provides monitoring and control for a variety of applications.

The NEO-10 is a network-based input/output device that has 10 DPDT relays and 10 inputs for monitoring external events. Anytime a relay or input changes, the NEO-10 sends a message across the network, allowing all console users on the system to see status updates in real time. Actual control of the NEO-10 is from the controlling console.


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