SoundMate Personal Listening System

Personal listening system

Telex SoundMate™ personal listening systems help overcome background noise and poor building acoustics that can make listening difficult for the hearing impaired listener. A Telex base station, portable belt pack transmitter, your choice of receivers, and a wide assortment of accessories allow you to meet the needs of individuals who require hearing assistance. These listening systems are even compatible with a variety of hearing instrument styles for hearing aid users. Let Telex, the acknowledged leader in personal assistive listening products, help you select the system that’s right for any listening environment.



Name Language Size Date
SoundMate Brochure EN 1.33MB 2014 6 Nov
Name Language Size Date
PST 170 Technical Data Sheet EN 76KB 2014 6 Nov
SR 400 Technical Data Sheet EN 85KB 2014 6 Nov
SR 50 Technical Data Sheet EN 81KB 2014 6 Nov
ST 300 Technical Data Sheet EN 76KB 2014 6 Nov





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SoundMate fmly SR400 PST170 7oc

SoundMate fmly SR400 SR50 7oc

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Name Language Size Date
PST 170 Operating Instructions EN 122KB 2014 6 Nov
SoundMate System User Guide EN 3.07MB 2020 5 Feb
SR 400 Operating Instructions EN 118KB 2014 6 Nov
SR 50 Operating Instructions EN 68KB 2014 6 Nov
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