Broadband antenna combiner–splitter

    • 115 VAC or 230 VAC Operation
    • High-Quality TNC Connectors Ensure Consistent Impedance Across the Entire Frequency Range
    • Ideal for Use with UHF Wireless Intercom Systems
    • Rackmount Brackets Included for 19" (482.6 mm) Rack
    • Standard IEC 320 Power Input Connector
    • Two Power Outputs to Supply up to Ten Transceivers
    • Power / Overheat Condition Indicator

The ACS-101 (Antenna Combiner-Splitter 10-to-1) is an amplified and filtered broadband splitter-combiner. It allows up to ten UHF base stations to use only one transmit and one receive antenna. The antenna combiner section contains innovative hybrid coupling, amplifying and matching technology to combine ten transmitters to one output with very low intermod distortion. The antenna splitter section has broadband input filtering and amplification to maintain signal levels through the splitters. High output isolation between ports is also achieved. The industrial strength power supply of the ACS-101 supplies voltage and current to two outputs on the product. Each output can supply up to 5 amps at 12 VDC.


Height 3.5 in (8.89 cm)
Width 19.02 in (48.3 cm)
Depth 14.63 in (37.16 cm)

Weight 5
Color Silver
Form Factor Rackmount


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