Single-channel uhf synthesized wireless intercom base station

    • Backlit Base Station LCD
    • Allows the user to easily monitor the beltpack’s status
    • Base Stations are Table or Rackmountable
    • Beltpack Batteries Last up to 12-14 Hours
    • Beltpack units contained in a weather and shock resistant die cast magnesium case
    • ClearScan Function
    • Automatically finds the best channels on which to operate
    • Compatible with Audiocom, RTS, Clear-Com, & Other Wired Intercom Types
    • Convenient IEC Power Connector on the Base Station
    • Frequency-Agile Base Station & Beltpacks
    • Full Duplex (Simultaneous Talk & Listen) Operation

The RadioCom BTR-700 UHF-synthesized wireless intercom system offers the ultimate in reliable, high performance, high fidelity full duplex communications. The BTR-700 system includes the BTR-700 frequency-agile base station, working with up to four TR-700 frequency-agile beltpacks. The BTR-700 base station provides full-duplex communications with the beltpacks. The BTR-700 system is perfectly suited for stand-alone operation and can interface with Audiocom, RTS Two-Wire Intercom, Clear-Com as well as RTS Digital Matrix Intercom systems and other four-wire communications systems. In addition to the external intercom systems interfaces listed above, the system provides connections for auxiliary balanced audio input and output. The RadioCom BTR series has been designed for reliable, efficient operation. Operating in the 518 to 868 MHz range, the units operate reliably at line-of-sight distances of 1,000 feet. With available antenna systems from RadioCom, the effective operating range can be extended.


Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, IEC receptacle
Storage Temperature -4°F to 130°F (-20°C to 55
Form Factor Rackmount

Frequency Response 300 Hz-8 kHz
Antenna ½ Wave (supplied), TNC Male Connector (TX/RX)
Type Synthesized Transmitter, 712 channels
Function Base Station
Frequency Band of Operation 518 - 608 MHz, 614 - 722 MHz, 796 - 862 MHz in 18 MHz TX and RX bands
4-Wire Input and Output Level Adjustable (2 Vrms typical)
Auxiliary Input Adjustable (2 Vrms typical)
Auxiliary Output Adjustable (2 Vrms typical into 600Ω)
Microphone Input Sensitivity 9
Transmit Power 50 mW Max. (High), 5 mW (Normal)
Height 1.73 in (4.4 cm)
Modulation Type FM
Width 19.02 in (48.3 cm)
Deviation 40 kHz (35 kHz Europe)
Depth 14.02 in (35.6 cm)
RF Frequency Stability 0.005
Weight 3.16
Modulation Limiter Peak-Responding Compressor Radiated Harmonics and Spurious: Exceeds FCC Specifications
Color Black
RF Sensitivity 0.8 (for 12 dB SINAD)


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