HS-500 Interphone & paging handset by Telex


Interphone & paging handset

The model HS-500 handset is designed for aircraft interphone and paging applications. It features an amplified differential electret microphone for superior noise-cancelation and an audiometric dynamic receiver for excellent frequency response with low distortion. Due to its noise-canceling characteristic, the handset may be used near PA speakers without experiencing feedback. Also, the handset is extremely resistant to radio frequency interference and 400 Hz hum.

The HS-500 handset is approved for aircraft use under Federal Aviation Agency TSO-C57 and C58.


Microphone Sensitivity -55 ±3
Weight .340 (12 oz.)
Microphone Type Noise-Cancelling Electret

Frequency Response 20 Hz - 4 kHz


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