Tone remote adapter

  • PTT Relay
  • Monitor Relay
  • 99-digit display
  • PTT, Monitor, and Power LED indications
  • F1 and F2 Relays (programmable to any function tone or Revert to F1)
  • 6 digital outputs for channel selection, completely programmable per function tone
  • CTCSS generation (64 frequencies)
  • Hardware and software gain control
  • Local handset port for monitoring activity and transmission back to base or to radio
  • Front panel test points and level set potentiometers
  • RS-232C port on front panel for configuration via Windows application
  • Two PTT modes and three monitor modes
  • Eight selectable PTT frequencies
  • Ability to pass-through to a second tone adapter with 400ms built in delay line
  • Relays can be placed in any of four groups for separation of function
  • Single Function tone recognition (16 function tones)
  • Dual function tone recognition (100 function tones)
  • Morse Code Encoder for Automatic station identification
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Function Tone lock-out
  • RX Audio Squelch
  • Voter Status Tone
  • Alarm Beeps
  • Pre-Emphasis
  • 3.5kHz Low Pass Filter

The Telex DSP-223 provides a reliable means of remotely controlling two-way radio base stations. The adapter can be used in conjunction with all radio dispatch consoles, or other manufacturers’ (such as Motorola and GE) remote consoles that use the industry-standard sequential tone-keying format. The DSP-223 is interconnected to the distant remote control console(s) by any voice-grade transmission medium, such as a microwave link, leased telephone line, or a twisted pair 600-ohm line. All DSP-223s are capable of decoding the PTT (push-to-talk/transmitter-on) tone sequence and the voice-plus-tone signals during transmission. All models are prepared for jumper plug conversion from two-wire line operation to four-wire line operation. In the four-wire mode, the panels are full-duplex capable.


Warranty & After Sales Programs

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