Per Line Call Playback

Playback option for c-soft

  • Playback of both TX and RX audio streams on a per line basis
  • Stop / Pause playback
  • Seek / Search playback
  • Display elapsed and total time
  • Ability to adjust playback volume
  • Ability to pin audio so it is not recorded over
  • Ability to make text comments to individually logged call
  • Display selectable data fields for Date, Time, Line, Frequency, Status, Caller ID, User ID, Duration, Comments
  • Logs ACKs and Clears of emergency events

The Per Line Call Playback option allows up to 60 minutes of recording and playback, supporting both transmit* and receive audio for each defined line. Supporting up to 100 lines per dispatch position, this feature gives dispatchers the ability to review not only what has been said by responders, but their own responses as well. By eliminating the need to access the dedicated recording system, dispatchers can enjoy increased accuracy and efficiency which may make the difference to events unfolding in the field.

A single line of Per Line Call Playback is included with the base C-Soft package with additional lines available as options.

*C-Soft version 7.2 and higher


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