Software ip dispatch console

  • Telex C-Soft dispatch consoles are scalable to meet your current requirements, as well as grow to meet your future demands.
  • The C-Soft console is designed to meet your operational requirements. Operator screens can be designed and set up to accommodate and adapt to the way your organization communicates.
  • C-Soft’s intuitive design makes it extremely user friendly and easy to learn and operate.

C-Soft is the industry’s most flexible and capable software dispatch console and is the perfect application for any dispatch environment.

C-Soft delivers all of the dispatch capabilities you expect while also giving you the flexibility that only an IP-based software console can provide: simple and quick deployment in the field, easy back-up of communications assets, and the ability to save multiple configurations on a single computer. This proven application has been deployed in communication centers around the world in applications from 911 dispatch to mobile command centers and transportation management.

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Intercom Yes, between consoles
DTMF Keys Full 16-key keyboard
Paging Multiple formats supported, Quickcall II in both the 100 and 1000 group formats, DTMF, Knox, 5/6 tone, and manual frequency

Alert Tones Steady, Pulsed and High-Low Warble with frequency and duration programmable
Pre-Recorded Announcements Audio files in the .wav format can be transmitted to selected lines via a single button press
Programmed Group & Mute For both Group and Mute functions, lines can be selectively included within these programmed buttons allowing for instant access to particular lines of interest
Status Indicators 24-hour Clock, VU Meter, PTT Indication, and Instant Recall Recorder
Audio Interfacing ADHB-4 and ADHB-4 Gen 2 allow for a variety of headsets, desktop microphones, NENA phone, footswitch, and up to six speakers
SIP Telephony Crosspatch, DTMF hold, call history, phone directory, stun and proxy server. Provides audio adjustment with silence detection and jitter buffering, Able to specify IP address for SIP connections. 2 lines included, expandable to 6 or 12 lines.
Vocoder Types High and low bandwidth vocoders assignable on a per-line basis
Over the Air Interfaces (via IP-224) MOTOTRBO™, Motorola Smartnet/Smartzone, NEXEDGE, IDAS, Tetra, P25 DFSI, and DMR
Number of Lines 2 to 200 depending on configuration purchased
Direct IP Interfaces (optional) P25 DFSI, P25 CSSI, DMR - AIS, and NEXEDGE
User Interface User-controlled look and feel using included design and configuration software
Encryption For P25 systems using DES and AES 256 bit standard, FIPS 140-2 compliant*
Signaling Capabilities MDC12000 encode and decode, NEXEDGE, FleetSync encode and decode, DTMF, serial and OTA FleetSync, 5/6 tone - supports emergency , group, individual, and status calls
Mapping Dependent on radio interface. Supported via .kml file.
Instant Recall Recorder Tracks the last ten minutes of both select and unselect speaker audio
Supported Commands Channel/Talk Group change, Group/Private call, Encryption, GPS, Monitor, Call Alert, Radio Check/Enable/Disable, Remote Monitor, Text Messaging, Status Request, Scan and Talk-Around. Commands vary based on interface type see manual for more details.
Information Windows Per-Line Call History, Active Emergency, Emergency History, Manual Call List, Status Windows, and Call Queue
Per-Line Call Playback One hour of recording up to 100 lines with one line included in base software
External Recorder Compatible Many companies supported, contact sales or support for current list


Name Size Date
#24 - HB-3+ Speaker Mute during PTT 209KB Nov 6, 2014
#29 - EFJ 5300 Alias ID Operation 95KB Nov 6, 2014
#30 - Configuring signaling parameters in CSoft for iDEN/PSTN operation. 678KB Nov 6, 2014
#34 - Incorporating 5-Tone Signaling into C-Soft 2.13MB Nov 6, 2014
#42 - Connecting Telex VoIP Dispatch Systems to Analog Recorder Solutions 439KB Nov 6, 2014
#43 - MDC-1200 Encode Setup & Operation 1.93MB Nov 6, 2014
C-Soft - How to Locate Line & License Information 148KB Apr 20, 2020
C-Soft Features January 2020 498KB Jan 8, 2020
C-Soft Revisions Jan 2020 173KB Jan 8, 2020
CS7 Licensing Instructions 6.33MB Sep 23, 2020
Name Language Size Date
C-Soft Brochure EN 2.02MB Feb 27, 2018
Telex Radio Dispatch Catalog 2020 EN 19.05MB May 11, 2020
Name Language Size Date
Telex_Solutions_Enterprise.pdf EN 944KB Apr 24, 2017
Telex_Solutions_Infrastructure.pdf EN 1.04MB Apr 24, 2017
Telex_Solutions_PublicSafety.pdf EN 1.09MB Apr 24, 2017
Telex_Solutions_Transportation.pdf EN 1.18MB Apr 24, 2017


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