P25 DFSI Direct IP Interface

P25 DFSI module for C-Soft

  • Supported DFSI Radio Functions:
  • Digital/Analog/Mixed Mode
  • Radio Check
  • Radio Inhibit
  • Radio Un-inhibit
  • Status Request
  • Call Alert
  • Radio Monitor
  • Private Call
  • Group Call
  • Pre-Programmed Text Message
  • Emergency Acknowledgement
  • Supported DFSI Repeater Functions:
  • Channel Change
  • Repeat Mode
  • Monitor
  • Voting

The Telex P25 Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) option is TIA-102 compliant and allows up to 24 lines of C-Soft to connect directly to a P25 conventional repeater, thus eliminating the need for a radio gateway product such as the IP-224. Since this is a direct IP wireline connection, it can utilize the low distortion Enhanced IMBE (AMBE+2) vocoder. All C-Soft features are still available with this design, including Crosspatch, which allows legacy analog systems and/or other digital radio systems to be connected to P25 systems. Optional FIPS140-2 compliant AES-256 bit encryption is available for use with the interface.


DFSI configuration for C-soft

DFSI option for C-Soft


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