Console Management System

Hosted on a centralized web server, the Telex Console Management System gives system administrators and users a greatly improved configuration, management and operational experience, while also adding enhanced, state-of-the-art security to the Telex Radio Dispatch system.

CMS serves as a springboard for future development and functions – including an IOT gateway to utilize new technologies and applications – all realized with a secure common point of communication. The CMS software and server combination works with IP-3000s, IP-224 hardware, and C-Soft version 8 and later. System administrators can create individual system users with their own access credentials and tailored access to individualized dispatch screen setups. In addition, the centralized administration of designs and contacts eliminates the need to manually transfer files and databases to individual dispatch positions. System I/O is enhanced through the implementation of the MQTT protocol for I/O logic inputs contact closure, along with a rules-driven facility for packet forwarding.

System security is further assured through the use of AES standard protocol for communications paths, such as between IP-3000s, C-Soft and IP-224s, using key management via our CryptoSync function. Reliability can be additionally reinforced through our optional backup system server and the ability of dispatch consoles to continue to function with limitations when a server is not present.

The CMS provides:


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