Dual ip remote adapter panel

  • Available in both standard and advanced interface configurations
  • Field upgradeable to advanced interface
  • Local/Tone/Console modes, Line-Line- Crosspatch
  • PTT, monitor, F1 and F2 relays (programmable to any function tone or revert to F1)
  • Four PTT modes and three monitor modes
  • Nine selectable PTT frequencies in Tone Mode
  • Eight digital outputs for channel selection, completely programmable per function tone
  • CTCSS generation (64 frequencies)
  • Software gain control
  • Local handset port for monitoring activity and transmission back to base or to radio, uses optional AHS-1 handset
  • RX AGC, RX audio squelch
  • Dual Ethernet ports and support for SNMP
  • ANI over-the-air-protocol decode and display
  • SoIP (Serial-over-Internet-Protocol)
  • Supports USB, RS485, CAN-bus, RS232, TTL
  • Backwards compatible with Telex Radio Dispatch equipment
  • Web browser based setup and configuration
  • Single or dual function tone generation
  • Guard tone User-selectable for 2100 Hz, 2175 Hz, 2300 Hz, 2325 Hz, 2400 Hz, 2600 Hz, 2800 Hz, 2850 Hz, or 2900 Hz
  • Menu driven front panel controls for TX, RX, spare audio, IP addressing, and CTCSS
  • Handles channels or talk groups up to 1,000
  • MDC-1200 and Fleetsync encode and decode
  • Telex System Manager supported for firmware and configuration

IP-224 is the IP radio gateway at the heart of the Telex Radio Dispatch System.

Based upon the Linux operating system, the IP-224 provides an extremely reliable means of remote-controlling two audio devices. The IP-224 can be easily configured to work with both digital and analog consoles, and it performs a wide variety of other tasks related to using radios on a digital network, including state-of-the-art system diagnostics, SNMP, redundant Ethernet connections and a wide range of advanced radio interfaces such as P25, NXDN, MOTOTRBO, DMR, and TETRA.


Common features Kenwood Serial P25 NEXEDGE® IDAS MOTOTRBO TETRA DMR SDC
Channel & zone change  
ANI decoding
Emergency decode ✓* ✓*
Emergency Acknowledgement        
Status message decoding ✓* ✓*
Status request ✓*      
Monitor ON/OFF      
Scan ON/OFF     ✓*  
Individual call ✓* ✓*  
Group call ✓* ✓*  
Radio enable/disable ✓* ✓*      

*Not available for some radios

  • F.01U.165.540 - IP-224 Cable to Kenwood TK-X150/X180/5X10, NX-x00, NX-5x00 and TK or VM-5x30 series radios
  • F.01U.165.541 - IP-224 Cable to Kenwood TK-X90 radio
  • F.01U.165.544 - IP-224 Cable to 4-Wire Tone/Console Interface
  • F.01U.165.545 - IP-224 Cable to Motorola CDM/PRO radios
  • F.01U.165.548 - IP-224 Cable to EFJ RS-5300, 53SL and VM-x00 series radios
  • F.01U.165.542 - IP-224 Cable to Sepura SRM2000/SRG3500 radios
  • F.01U.306.539 - IP-224 Cable to Hytera TETRA MT680 radio
  • F.01U.306.540 - IP-224 Cable to PowerTrunk TETRA MDT-400 radio
  • F.01U.319.163 - IP-224 Cable to Hytera DMR MD782 radio
  • F.01U.306.543 - IP-224 Cable to Tait TM-91xx/93xx/94xx P25 and DMR radios
  • F.01U.306.546 - IP-224 Cable to ICOM IDAS IC-Fx061 series radios
  • F.01U.306.549 - IP-224 Cable to MOTOTRBO XPR series radios


Power Requirements +11Vdc to +16Vdc, 600mA nominal at 12Vdc
Vocoders Telex 32K (50 kbits/sec simplex), G.726 16K (34 kbits/sec simplex) G.726 32K (50 kbits/sec simplex), G.711 (82 kbits/sec simplex)
Depth 11.5" (292.1 mm)

Digital I/O Ratings Pull up/pull down/float 3.3VDC/5VDC/12V 10K Ohm pull up/pull down
Weight 4.125lbs (1.9kg)
Transmit Output Impedance 600 Ohms for balanced mode, 200 Ohms for single-ended mode
Receive Input Impedance 10/600/10K Ohms (user-selectable)
Audio Distortion 2% THD max
Audio Frequency Response 300Hz to 3000Hz + 1, -3dB less than 3% distortion
Relay Contact Ratings 1A at 63V AC/DC
LAM Sensitivity -50dB to +10dB
Ethernet Speed 10BaseT or 100BaseTX
COR Sensitivity User-selectable rising or falling edge from radio
Storage Temperature -30°C to 65°C (-22°F to 149°F) for full specifications
DTMF Detection Bandwidth ±25Hz around center of frequency
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) for full specifications
Monitor Timer 10ms to 9999ms, adjustable
Flash Memory 128MB
Control Type 32-bit Digital Media Processor
SDRAM Memory 256MB
Electro Static Discharge Immunity 8kV on all exposed operator control areas At 8kV no operation is disturbed At 8kV no permanent damage
Lease Line 2-Wire and 4-Wire supported
Line Protection Fast-action solid state surge protection
Radio Interface ±45Vdc withstand rating
Memory Protection Settings preserved in non-volatile memory
Hum & Noise 60dB below rated output for each line
Level Controls Menu driven front panel controls for TX, RX, spare audio, and CTCSS
Non-Relay Outputs Open collector, active low, 200mA max., 40V collector to emitter voltage
Radio Input Level 10mVp-p to 10Vp-p, adjustable
Line Output Level 10mVp-p to 10Vp-p, adjustable (Single Ended), 20mVp-p to 40Vp-p, adjustable (Balanced)
Height 1.625" (41.3 mm)
Tone Frequencies Single or dual function tone generation Function tone range 0 Hz–3200Hz adjustable in 1Hz increments, Total tone duration 0 ms–999ms, Tone magnitude -60dB to +12dB
Width 8.5" (215.9 mm)


Name Size Date
#48 - Modifying a IP-223 MTRBi to work with the IP-224 286KB Nov 6, 2014
#49 - Sprint SDC DuraPlus Phone to 223 & 224 Adaptor Panels 1.06MB Nov 6, 2014
#50 - IP-224 to Kenwood TK-X80, x90, x150, x180 & 5x10 Series Mobile radios 1.47MB Nov 6, 2014
IP-223 to IP-224 Pin-Out Conversion Chart 55KB Nov 6, 2014
IP-224 to IP-223 Pinout Conversion Chart 51KB Apr 20, 2020
IP-224 to RTS 3.27MB Jan 18, 2021
IP224 Revisions Jan 2020 155KB Jan 8, 2020
Name Language Size Date
C-Soft Brochure EN 2.02MB Feb 27, 2018
IP-224 Brochure EN 1.66MB Feb 27, 2018
Telex Radio Dispatch Catalog 2020 EN 19.05MB May 11, 2020
Name Language Size Date
IP-223/IP-224 Comparison Chart EN 113KB Nov 6, 2014
IP-224 Technical Data Sheet EN 391KB Apr 1, 2019
Name Language Size Date
Telex_Solutions_Enterprise.pdf EN 944KB Apr 24, 2017
Telex_Solutions_Infrastructure.pdf EN 1.04MB Apr 24, 2017
Telex_Solutions_PublicSafety.pdf EN 1.09MB Apr 24, 2017
Telex_Solutions_Transportation.pdf EN 1.18MB Apr 24, 2017

IP224 Angle

IP224 Back

IP224 Front

Name Size Date
Telex System Manager 2.5 1.16MB Jan 7, 2020
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