IP-224 Dual IP remote adapter panel by Telex


Dual IP remote adapter panel

  • Available in both standard and advanced interface configurations
  • Field upgradeable to advanced interface
  • Local/Tone/Console modes, Line-Line- Crosspatch
  • PTT, monitor, F1 and F2 relays (programmable to any function tone or revert to F1)
  • Four PTT modes and three monitor modes
  • Nine selectable PTT frequencies in Tone Mode
  • Eight digital outputs for channel selection, completely programmable per function tone
  • CTCSS generation (64 frequencies)
  • Software gain control
  • Local handset port for monitoring activity and transmission back to base or to radio, uses optional AHS-1 handset
  • RX AGC, RX audio squelch
  • Dual Ethernet ports and support for SNMP
  • ANI over-the-air-protocol decode and display
  • SoIP (Serial-over-Internet-Protocol)
  • Supports USB, RS485, CAN-bus, RS232, TTL
  • Backwards compatible with Telex Radio Dispatch equipment
  • Web browser based setup and configuration
  • Single or dual function tone generation
  • Guard tone User-selectable for 2100 Hz, 2175 Hz, 2300 Hz, 2325 Hz, 2400 Hz, 2600 Hz, 2800 Hz, 2850 Hz, or 2900 Hz
  • Menu driven front panel controls for TX, RX, spare audio, IP addressing, and CTCSS
  • Handles channels or talk groups up to 1,000
  • MDC-1200 and Fleetsync encode and decode
  • Telex System Manager supported for firmware and configuration

IP-224 is the IP radio gateway at the heart of the Telex Radio Dispatch System.

Based upon the Linux operating system, the IP-224 provides an extremely reliable means of remote-controlling two audio devices. The IP-224 can be easily configured to work with both digital and analog consoles, and it performs a wide variety of other tasks related to using radios on a digital network, including state-of-the-art system diagnostics, SNMP, redundant Ethernet connections and a wide range of advanced radio interfaces such as P25, NXDN, MOTOTRBO, DMR, and TETRA.


Common features Kenwood Serial P25 NEXEDGE® IDAS MOTOTRBO TETRA DMR SDC
Channel & zone change  
ANI decoding
Emergency decode ✓* ✓*
Emergency Acknowledgement        
Status message decoding ✓* ✓*
Status request ✓*      
Monitor ON/OFF      
Scan ON/OFF     ✓*  
Individual call ✓* ✓*  
Group call ✓* ✓*  
Radio enable/disable ✓* ✓*      

*Not available for some radios

  • F.01U.165.540 - IP-224 Cable to Kenwood TK-X150/X180/5X10, NX-x00, NX-5x00 and TK or VM-5x30 series radios
  • F.01U.165.541 - IP-224 Cable to Kenwood TK-X90 radio
  • F.01U.165.544 - IP-224 Cable to 4-Wire Tone/Console Interface
  • F.01U.165.545 - IP-224 Cable to Motorola CDM/PRO radios
  • F.01U.165.548 - IP-224 Cable to EFJ RS-5300, 53SL and VM-x00 series radios
  • F.01U.165.542 - IP-224 Cable to Sepura SRM2000/SRG3500 radios
  • F.01U.306.539 - IP-224 Cable to Hytera TETRA MT680 radio
  • F.01U.306.540 - IP-224 Cable to PowerTrunk TETRA MDT-400 radio
  • F.01U.319.163 - IP-224 Cable to Hytera DMR MD782 radio
  • F.01U.306.543 - IP-224 Cable to Tait TM-91xx/93xx/94xx P25 and DMR radios
  • F.01U.306.546 - IP-224 Cable to ICOM IDAS IC-Fx061 series radios
  • F.01U.306.549 - IP-224 Cable to MOTOTRBO XPR series radios


Control Type 32-bit Digital Media Processor
Width 8.5" (215.9 mm)
Depth 11.5" (292.1 mm)

Height 1.625" (41.3 mm)
Power Requirements +11Vdc to +16Vdc, 600mA nominal at 12Vdc
Electro Static Discharge Immunity 8kV on all exposed operator control areas At 8kV no operation is disturbed At 8kV no permanent damage
Lease Line 2-Wire and 4-Wire supported
Line Protection Fast-action solid state surge protection
Radio Interface ±45Vdc withstand rating
Memory Protection Settings preserved in non-volatile memory
Hum & Noise 60dB below rated output for each line
Level Controls Menu driven front panel controls for TX, RX, spare audio, and CTCSS
Non-Relay Outputs Open collector, active low, 200mA max., 40V collector to emitter voltage
Radio Input Level 10mVp-p to 10Vp-p, adjustable
Line Output Level 10mVp-p to 10Vp-p, adjustable (Single Ended), 20mVp-p to 40Vp-p, adjustable (Balanced)
Tone Frequencies Single or dual function tone generation Function tone range 0 Hz–3200Hz adjustable in 1Hz increments, Total tone duration 0 ms–999ms, Tone magnitude -60dB to +12dB
Vocoders Telex 32K (50 kbits/sec simplex), G.726 16K (34 kbits/sec simplex) G.726 32K (50 kbits/sec simplex), G.711 (82 kbits/sec simplex)
Digital I/O Ratings Pull up/pull down/float 3.3VDC/5VDC/12V 10K Ohm pull up/pull down
Weight 4.125lbs (1.9kg)
Transmit Output Impedance 600 Ohms for balanced mode, 200 Ohms for single-ended mode
Receive Input Impedance 10/600/10K Ohms (user-selectable)
Audio Distortion 2% THD max
Audio Frequency Response 300Hz to 3000Hz + 1, -3dB less than 3% distortion
Relay Contact Ratings 1A at 63V AC/DC
LAM Sensitivity -50dB to +10dB
Ethernet Speed 10BaseT or 100BaseTX
COR Sensitivity User-selectable rising or falling edge from radio
Storage Temperature -30°C to 65°C (-22°F to 149°F) for full specifications
DTMF Detection Bandwidth ±25Hz around center of frequency
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) for full specifications
Monitor Timer 10ms to 9999ms, adjustable
Flash Memory 128MB
SDRAM Memory 256MB


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