IP Adapter Panels

The heart of any ip-based dispatch solution

The IP-224 Dual Network Radio Adapter Panel is more than just a radio interface. It enables you to link and control advanced trunking and P25 systems, Nextel phones, satellite devices, telephones, TETRA radios, and much more. It’s the most capable network adapter on the market today, with more modes of operation and available accessory interfaces than any other.


Dual ip remote adapter panel


Name Size Date
IP-224 to IP-223 Pinout Conversion Chart 51KB Apr 20, 2020
IP-224 to RTS 3.27MB Jan 18, 2021
IP224 Revisions Jan 2020 155KB Jan 8, 2020
Name Language Size Date
C-Soft Brochure EN 2.02MB Feb 27, 2018
IP-224 Brochure EN 1.66MB Feb 27, 2018
Telex Radio Dispatch Catalog 2020 EN 19.05MB May 11, 2020
Name Language Size Date
IP-223/IP-224 Comparison Chart EN 113KB Nov 6, 2014
IP-224 Technical Data Sheet EN 391KB Apr 1, 2019
Name Language Size Date
Telex_Solutions_Enterprise.pdf EN 944KB Apr 24, 2017
Telex_Solutions_Infrastructure.pdf EN 1.04MB Apr 24, 2017
Telex_Solutions_PublicSafety.pdf EN 1.09MB Apr 24, 2017
Telex_Solutions_Transportation.pdf EN 1.18MB Apr 24, 2017

IP224 Angle

IP224 Back

IP224 Front


Name Size Date
Telex System Manager 2.4 1.12MB Sep 24, 2018
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