66T Noise canceling dynamic handheld microphone by Telex


Noise-canceling dynamic handheld microphone

The model TEL-66T is a noise-cancelling aircraft communication microphone. It consists of a dynamic microphone cartridge, transistor amplifier, and push-to-talk switch in a rugged, black plastic case. A hangar bracket and mounting hardware are provided with the microphone. The Model TEL-66T has a straight PJ-068 plug. The Model TEL-66TRA is identical to the TEL-66T, except that it has a molded right-angle plug. Both models are approved for aircraft use under Federal Aviation Agency TSO C58.


Microphone Sensitivity -48 dB (re: 1 V / μbar @ 1 kHz, 12 VDC)
Mounting Blade Mount
FAA TSO Approvals C-58

Microphone Type Close Talking Differential, Dynamic Element
Frequency Response 100 Hz – 5 kHz
Connector Type PJ-068 equivalent or Right angle PJ-068 equivalent
Warranty 3 years
Retracted ~12 in (30 cm)
Extended ~5 ft. (1.5 m)
Weight ~9 oz (255 g)


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