AIR series

The Telex Air3100 is a medium-weight noise-reduction headset with amplified, noise-canceling, electret microphones. The Telex Air3100L is a headphone only and does not have a microphone. They both have a noise reduction rating of 21 dB, and are suitable for use in moderately noisy aircraft. All models feature a unique headband design that distributes ear cushion pressure evenly over the entire ear with no pressure points, unlike conventional designs which apply more pressure on the bottom of the ear than on the top. An added advantage of this design is that the headset folds into an extremely compact shape for storage. The Air3100 headset is approved for aircraft use under FAA TSO’s C57a and C58a. The Air3100L headphone is approved for aircraft use under FAA TSO’s C57a.

The Air 3500 Headset is a passive noise attenuating headset that demonstrates Telex’s commitment to provide the maximum possible hearing protection in noisy aircraft cockpits with minimal weight.


Air 3500
Minimal weight aviation headset with durability, comfort and 24 db of passive noise reduction

Air 3100
Medium weight aviation headset with amplified, noise-canceling electret microphone(s)


Name Size Date
Air 3100 FAA TSO Approval 77KB Nov 6, 2014
Air 3100 EC Declaration of Conformity 316KB Nov 6, 2014
Air 3500 FAA TSO Approval 61KB Nov 6, 2014
Name Language Size Date
Air 3500 Technical Data Sheet EN 248KB Nov 6, 2014

Air 3500 Front Right

Air 3500 Front

Air 3100 Front Right

Air 3100 Front

Air 3100 Front Left

Air 3500 Front Left

Name Language Size Date
Air 3100 User Instructions EN 258KB Nov 6, 2014
Air 3500 User Instructions EN 616KB Nov 6, 2014
Name Size Date
Headset Cleaning Memo 84KB Jun 12, 2020
Headset Storage and Care Memo 84KB Feb 2, 2021
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