Aviation microphones

High performance at high altitudes.

When it comes to in-flight performance and safety, Telex is an industry leader. All of our dynamic and electret handheld microphones are FAA TSO-approved.










Name Size Date
100T FAA TSO Approval 50KB Nov 6, 2014
602T EC Declaration of Conformity 181KB Nov 6, 2014
66T EC Declaration of Conformity 100KB Nov 6, 2014
903E FAA TSO Approval 76KB Nov 6, 2014
903E EC Declaration of Conformity 66KB Nov 6, 2014
100T EC Declaration of Conformity 101KB Nov 6, 2014
38T EC Declaration of Conformity 101KB Nov 6, 2014
38T FAA TSO Approval 56KB Nov 6, 2014
500T FAA TSO Approval 48KB Nov 6, 2014
602T FAA TSO Approval 61KB Nov 6, 2014
66T FAA TSO Approval 52KB Nov 6, 2014
HS-500 FAA TSO Approval 39KB Nov 6, 2014
Name Language Size Date
100T Technical Data Sheet EN 1.99MB Nov 6, 2014
38T Technical Data Sheet EN 277KB Nov 6, 2014
66T Technical Data Sheet EN 204KB Nov 6, 2014
HS-500 Technical Data Sheet EN 6.11MB Nov 6, 2014
500T Technical Data Sheet EN 533KB Aug 5, 2019
602T Technical Data Sheet EN 716KB Nov 6, 2014
903E Technical Data Sheet EN 431KB Aug 5, 2019
602T Technical Data Sheet EN 285KB Apr 25, 2016
Name Language Size Date
602t & 903e Flyer EN 96KB Sep 25, 2019

100T Mic Right

100T Front

38T Mic

602T Full

66T Full

903E Full

38T Full

602T Mic Back

66T Back

903E Mic Back

38T Speaker Close

100T Mic Left

500T Mic Right

50T Mic Left


Name Language Size Date
HS-500 Maintenance & Overhaul Manual EN 386KB Nov 6, 2014
500T Maintenance & Overhaul Manual EN 368KB Nov 6, 2014
Maintenance & Overhaul Manual Publication Index EN 73KB Apr 12, 2021
Name Size Date
Headset Cleaning Memo 84KB Jun 12, 2020
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