Airman 8+

NEW Our most comfortable, best battery-free active noise reduction aviation headset

  • NOW AVAILABLE: AIRMAN 8+ with P5P Connector
  • Flexible boom-mounted microphone, positionable for right- or left-side use
  • Light-weight, battery-free ANR to ensure constant communication
  • Larger soft leatherette ear cushions and headband pad
  • Stainless steel headband and pivot points for superior durability
  • FAA TSO C-139a approved

The Telex Airman 8+ is a lightweight noise-reducing headset designed specifically for optimizing pilot communications in commercial and business turbine aircraft. Building on the tradition of the Airman 850 and the Airman 8, Airman 8+ has improved ANR capability and comfort. The Airman 8+ is among the lightest Active Noise Reduction headsets on the market and one of only three FAA TSO C-139a approved ANR headsets to utilize Telex’s proprietary battery-free system. Larger pliable ear cushions and headband pad combined with dual axis ear cup pivots provide long flight wearing comfort.


Type Dynamic
Impedance 600 Ω (±20%)
Frequency Response
(Per RTCA DO-214a)
<15dB max. to min. over the range of 315 to 3150Hz
(Per RTCA DO-214a)
92 ±5 dBSPL (normal)
98 ±5 dBSPL (high)

Microphone & Amplifier
Element Type Noise-canceling amplified electret
Frequency Response
(Per RTCA DO-214a)
Please see the Engineering Data Sheet
-28dB ±3dB re 1V/Pa at 1kHz, 12V
Operating Voltage
(Per RTCA DO-214a)
8-28 VDC at boom microphone (470 Ω load circuit) or at pin 5 of the XLR connection
(AIRMAN8P-0212 requires both power sources)
ANR Power Supply
-0210 Receives power from boom microphone connection (See operating voltage, above)
-0211 Receives power from either the boom microphone connection or pin 5 (See operating voltage, above)
-0212 Microphone receives power from boom microphone connection.
ANR is powered separately from XLR pin 5 connection.
Attenuation Provides nominal noise reduction 18 dB or higher between 100 Hz and 400 Hz and 15 dB (minimum) of attenuation between 100 Hz and 300 Hz
Connector Type
Dual Plug Connector (AIRMAN 8P-0210)
Microphone PJ-068 (equivalent)
Headphones PJ-055 (equivalent)
XLR Connector (AIRMAN 8P-0211, AIRMAN 8P-0212)
Microphone & Headphones 5-pin Male XLR
headset weight (with cord) wearing weight (without cord)
AIRMAN8P-0210 (dual plug) ~6.70 oz (~190 g) ~4.4 oz (~125 g)
AIRMAN8P-0211 (XLR Plug) ~6.77 oz (~192 g) ~4.4 oz (~125 g)
AIRMAN8P-0212 (XLR Plug) ~6.77 oz (~192 g) ~4.4 oz (~125 g)
Cord Length 6 ft. +/-4 in. (1.8 m +/- 10 cm)
Color Black and Stainless Steel
Controls Active Noise Reduction On/Off Switch Volume Normal/High Switch
NOTE Control operation, installation instructions, additional specifications can be found in the Operating Instructions.



Warranty & After Sales Programs

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