Dispatch console hardware

The perfect footprint for smaller operations or supervisory monitoring situations, the IP-2002 is an IP-based dispatch console in a familiar desktop telephone form factor. Dispatchers using the IP-2002 can initiate a crosspatch between the two lines, as well as inject audio into the crosspatch. A simple Ethernet connection places the IP-2002 on the network. The IP-2002 requires no CEB or additional CPU equipment for operation — all the processing and control capabilities are completely self-contained within the unit. The console comes with a handset and panel mic. Other microphone options are sold separately.

IP-3000 Series

The IP-3000 series is the next-generation of industry-leading Telex IP-based radio dispatch consoles. Two form factors are available: the IP-3008 (eight lines) and IP-3018 (18 lines). Each is available in public safety, enterprise or standard configurations to suit the specific requirements of different dispatch verticals. Public safety and enterprise configurations are equipped with direct IP interfaces for interoperability with digital radio equipment, e.g. NEXEDGE®. Public safety-configured devices also offer encryption and compliance with the P25 suite of system standards. Standard configuration models connect to an external IP-224, making them a cost-effective choice for integration with existing Telex systems, and may be upgraded to public safety and enterprise configurations as needed. A two-channel IP-3002 model is also available in standard configuration (non-upgradeable), in the same form factor as the IP-3008.

Read more The IP-3000 series will offer packet encryption, monitoring, user permissions, verification and third-party VPN for secure remote use. As well as being compatible with legacy Telex hardware, the series is interoperable with a wide range of industry technologies – including IPv6, upcoming Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC), SIP telephony, radio protocols, security enhancements and more. APIs enable seamless integration with other types of systems. Smooth hands-on functionality is ensured via the IP-3000’s best-in-class feature lineup. High-resolution TFT LCD 15:9 widescreen video displays (7” & 15.6”), reliable and responsive touchscreens, and high-quality speakers deliver an excellent audio-visual performance in any lighting conditions or working environment. Each console is equipped with USB ports and an output for an external monitor. The units are easy to mount and positioning can be further adjusted using the optional adjustable incline mechanism. User I/Os include a handset with DTMF pad, a gooseneck microphone with illuminated PTT key, and six (IP-3002/IP-3008) or 16 (IP-3018) programmable and color-coded hot keys. Additional programmable keypads are available as options. The consolescome with a choice of handset or gooseneck microphone; headsets may also be used via an ADHB-4 (Advanced Digital Headset Box). New versions of C-Soft and Telex System Manager (TSM) offer enhanced layout design, GUI personalization and system management – all geared towards supporting simple menus and more streamlined workflows.
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