Radio dispatch

C-Soft dispatch software

C-Soft delivers all of the dispatch capabilities you expect while also giving you the flexibility that only an IP-based software console can provide: simple and quick deployment in the field, easy back-up of communications assets, and the ability to save multiple configurations on a single computer. This proven application has been deployed in communication centers around the world in applications from 911 dispatch to mobile command centers and transportation management. SCALABLE SOLUTIONS
Telex C-Soft dispatch consoles are scalable to meet your current requirements, as well as grow to meet your future demands. HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE
The C-Soft console is designed to meet your operational requirements. Operator screens can be designed and set up to accommodate and adapt to the way your organization communicates. EASY TO OPERATE
C-Soft’s intuitive design makes it extremely user friendly and easy to learn and operate.

Console Management System

Hosted on a centralized web server, the Telex Console Management System gives system administrators and users a greatly improved configuration, management and operational experience, while also adding enhanced, state-of-the-art security to the Telex Radio Dispatch system.

Dispatch console hardware

The IP-3000 series is the next-generation of industry-leading Telex IP-based radio dispatch consoles. Two form factors are available: the IP-3008 (eight lines) and IP-3018 (18 lines). Each is available in public safety, enterprise or standard configurations to suit the specific requirements of different dispatch verticals. Public safety and enterprise configurations are equipped with direct IP interfaces for interoperability with digital radio equipment, e.g. NEXEDGE®. Public safety-configured devices also offer encryption and compliance with the P25 suite of system standards. Standard configuration models connect to an external IP-224, making them a cost-effective choice for integration with existing Telex systems, and may be upgraded to public safety and enterprise configurations as needed. A two-channel IP-3002 model is also available in standard configuration (non-upgradeable), in the same form factor as the IP-3008.

Warranty & After Sales Programs

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