RHB-1 Gen 2

Remote Headset Box

RHB-1 Gen 2 (Remote Headset Box) is an optional piece of equipment used to expand headset options on the ADHB-4 Gen2. Each RHB-1 Gen 2 supports one headset/handset and connects to the ADHB-4 Gen2 using RJ-45 Ethernet cable. Up to two RHB-1 Gen 2s can be connected to each ADHB-4 Gen 2. The RHB-1 Gen 2 is a plug and play device and allows the ADHB-4 Gen 2 to recognizes a headset has been remotely connected.

The ADHB-4 Gen2 has programmable gains for each headset input allowing various models to be attached while balancing microphone levels. Selected receive audio level is adjusted using the front panel volume control.


Warranty & After Sales Programs

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